Merry Christmas, my car is a lemon. What do you do when life hands you lemons? Blog about it. Apparently, the underlying issue that’s been causing my car to need constant attention is that the crankshaft is damaged. Fixing that requires a rebuild of the engine. Goodbye $1500! I didn’t need that vacation anyway. But … Continue reading Hosed.


I took J’Lo out to the parentals today to change the oil (yes, I do it myself) and give her a good scrubdown. The Mr.Clean Auto-whatchamacallit car washing system can KISS MY WHITE ASS. It sucks. It would suck a lot less if the 18-frillion connections between it and the hose didn’t leak and spray … Continue reading Stall.

Driving Miss Daisy

My life has been consumed by wanderlust. If anyone needs a ride somewhere in the next little while, I’m still excited enough about being able to actually GO PLACES with relative EASE AND COMFORT that I’ll probably take you almost anywhere for the low, low price of gas. Yes, I know that with the price … Continue reading Driving Miss Daisy

Safety Girl

I put 200kms on the new car today. I am drunk on mobility. It’s amazing how small the city just got. It was quite fun to show up at the home of the parental units randomly. They live about 70kms away, so they were very surprised when I showed up without warning. They were obviously … Continue reading Safety Girl


I think the car has a name: J’lo, the big booty ho. How did this come about? I’ll let the IM log speak for itself: todd: what kind is it? peechie: ’96 geo metro, white todd: teardrop style? peechie: yes, except no – it’s a 4 door sedan, so it has a trunk. todd: trunks … Continue reading J’Lo