Mechanically Inclined

Does anyone know of a skilled and honest mechanic within the Downtown/Burnaby/North Shore area?

My car needs a tune-up, and I just don’t have the time to get out to the home of the parental units and take care of it with dear ol’ Dad. Last time it needed some sort of repair, I tried to wait until I “had time” and it barfed up the drive belt all over the freeway. I’d rather not do that again.

Thanks in advance if you can recommend someone. I’ll be sure to drop your name when I go in, so you’ll get any sort of referral bonus or good juju the shop may want to pass your way.

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8 thoughts on “Mechanically Inclined

  1. -j.

    I have a skilled and honest mechanic, but he’s out in Delta, which I suspect is just too far away for your needs.

    I’ve also had a good experience with NIC’S, but that’s in East Van off Quebec street. Not sure if that fits your geographical requirements either.

  2. heather

    minit-tune on brooksbank ave across from park & tilford mall in north van. steve is the best mechanic ever and really knows the value of customer service. both my dad and i take our cars exclusively to him.

  3. Sue

    I can highly recommend Adria Import on Broadway, 1 block east of Fraser. Mark is the owner and he is honest and kind, two things I look for in a mechanic. He works hard and puts up with my somewhat temperamental reactions to his news about the state of my car.

  4. dearheart

    I’ll add two more, a bit closer than Heather’s. Clark at 1st Street Garage (834 West 1st Street, NV 984-0077). I used him when my car had $1700 worth of repairs done to it last October. Great guy! Chris at Midas (800 Marine Drive, NV 986-5361). The M-man has used him before and liked him.

  5. ima

    Hess Automotive between Esplanade and 1st Street in North Van on Mahon. He’s pretty good. Just tell him you know the girls who work next door at Leisure! šŸ™‚

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