Safety Girl

I put 200kms on the new car today. I am drunk on mobility. It’s amazing how small the city just got.

It was quite fun to show up at the home of the parental units randomly. They live about 70kms away, so they were very surprised when I showed up without warning. They were obviously a little perplexed about how I managed to get there; when I told them “In my car!” they were shocked to say the least – they had no idea I’d made the purchase.

After eleventy frillion rounds of “No Way!” “Yes Way!” they (mom, dad, brothers) all took turns driving it around the block, then mom made me dinner. I could get used to that.

Also, I do believe I now totally need this.

The Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit contains serious roadside emergency supplies like an emergency blanket, first aid supplies and instructions to change a flat tire, but it also contains other emergency items like chocolate, nail file, aromatherapy headache remedy and more! Good thing it comes with an instructional video from, otherwise I wouldn’t know how to replace a tire.

Yes, the shameless gift-plugging continues. It’s available at Beauty Mark on Denman for those inclined.

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2 thoughts on “Safety Girl

  1. peechie Post author

    Holy shit. It’s Sue here. For some reason my computer thinks I’m logged in as you. Whoooa. Time to refresh the cookies, me thinks.

    Hmmm this means I could post something as you.

  2. Really Sue this time

    Okay now that i’ve got that out of my system…

    It’s laughable how long I’ve gone without having a proper emergency kit in my car. I have a set of very rusty jumper cables, chains in case I’m ever caught in a blizzard, and a brand new jack (because the old one rusted out, as we discovered at the Coquihalla summit when our tire blew). Maybe I should get flares or water or something like that. Aw fuck it, I’ve got a cell phone and it’s VANCOUVER.

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