Driving Miss Daisy

My life has been consumed by wanderlust. If anyone needs a ride somewhere in the next little while, I’m still excited enough about being able to actually GO PLACES with relative EASE AND COMFORT that I’ll probably take you almost anywhere for the low, low price of gas.

Yes, I know that with the price of gas these days the skytrain is probably cheaper – but my car has a trunk, does not smell like feet, and the only scary person you need to sit next to is me.

One of the more amusing side effects of driving instead of taking transit is that I now have to adjust my ideas of how long it takes to get anywhere. Things that used to be an hour away are now 20 minutes. anything that took 30 minutes now takes about 5. It’s really fairly perplexing, and means that I’m freakishly early for EVERYTHING. So my already obscenely short tolerance for anyone who is late has been shortened even further.

But, small price to pay. So if you’d like to come and break the time/space continuum with me even further, let me know. I’m thinking specifically about trips to Ikea and Target – but really, my enthusiasm is still so unbridled at this point that I’d probably drive across town to pick someone up and take them 3 blocks to buy milk.

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8 thoughts on “Driving Miss Daisy

  1. col

    factory outlets! factory outlets! a co-worker told me that there’s a huge new factory outlet strip mall before seattle…it has a banana republic factory outlet and tons of shoe outlets! mmm, shoes.

  2. Really Sue this time

    I am SOOO up for Target!! Aside from it being scary to do before-school shopping at Bellis Fair, I think we should make a pre-fall cross-border shopping trip. Maybe even a convoy if there are enough people interested! How about August 21?

  3. Kimli

    Target is awesome! If you’re looking for a body to help pay for gas, I’ll volunteer – I have a car too, so convoying is possible!

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