Do You Believe in Magic?

I’ve been meaning to write about a couple things – but neither is really significant enough for their own post. So I figured I’d just combine them.

First off, I’ve been thinking that with the upcoming birthday I’ll dump a few ideas of the things I’d like to be gifted with on these pages. This is in no way a request for any of you to actually purchase these things for me. I couldn’t possibly love you any more than I already do, or be more of a spoiled princess than I already am, so buying my love is an exercise in futility. Unless of course you can’t help yourself, in which case feel free to splurge!

For the second thing, I confess my deep, dark secret: I have never even read so much as the jacket notes of a Harry Potter book. When the whole thing started, I couldn’t be bothered to buy into the fad. Then it got bigger and I refused to succumb to the machine. And now, well truth be told I’m just plain afraid of the machine.

So here’s where I combine the two and say maybe, maybe I’d like to get my hands on my own copies of the Harry Potter books. So if anyone wants to draw me into the phenomenon and render me addicted to all things Potter, I might be willing to succumb. But I am not doing this of my own volition! It would have to be a gift, so I’d feel obligated to read them. Until then, I’m 100% Wizard Free.

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