The CANs and the CAN-Nots

Since so many people have asked about our experience with the Cooperative Auto Network (CAN), I figured I’d post a few of the positive and negatives we’ve encountered through our nearly 3-year membership. This one’s a doozie, so if you’re not really interested in how CAN works for car-sharing, you may want to skip this … Continue reading The CANs and the CAN-Nots

End of an Era

The catalyst for it all was my new job in an area that’s highly inconvenient to get to by public transit. But really, Neil and I have been thinking about re-joining the ranks of the car-owners for quite a while. Combine that with neighbours who were leaving the country and had to sell their car … Continue reading End of an Era


One thing that generally comes with moving is the learning of a new route to work. For those of us who commute by transit, that’s learning a new bus route. Of the very few things I’m missing about the old place (along with being mere steps from Tatlows, the Naam and the Flying Tiger) is … Continue reading Bus-ted?


I received an unexpected message in my inbox the other day, from a Province reporter, looking for someone to interview for a story about CAN. I’m guessing my entry on car-sharing showed up in her google search. In any case, it turns out that the Cooperative Auto Network has just been audited, and is … Continue reading CAN-ned