Buckling Down

Thing I am struggling with at work: Focus. After spending the vast majority of the past 2 years chasing after a tiny human with the attention span of a goldfish, I am now noticing that my ability to focus for more than about 40 minutes at a time in a work setting (or any setting, … Continue reading Buckling Down


Moving house can often lead you to see your possessions in a new light. Especially when you have packed in a hurry, without making much effort to thin your piles of stuff before beginning. And are then distanced from that stuff for half a year. Because who the hell brings tea (from the new world, … Continue reading Tea-mendous


Meet Battina She’s my Mighty Ugly doll, just hangin’ out. She’s a bit of a misfit, and has just returned from a bender in Vegas, where she was found passed out under the craps table. I’m quite fond of her. Mighty Ugly was an excellent time. It took me right back to those days at … Continue reading Mighty!


I am scared of crafting. This is odd. Not least because of all the things one could be frightened of, I pick crafting? Really? But it’s more than that. I used to sew. I was in a 4H sewing club. I made something cute. I won AWARDS for sewing. But that was over 20 years … Continue reading Crafty!

Holding Out

Was having a conversation with a friend the other day about street food (specifically kebab/donair/shwarma), which eventually lead to discussing how to pronounce “gyro” – is it hero or jai-row? Of course it’s hero, but most North Americans start out calling it a jai-row until corrected. By that time of course the word gyro is … Continue reading Holding Out


My procrastination (like that of many of my brethren task-putter-offers) stems from a serious fear of failure. If I don’t actually start this thing, I can’t fail at doing it, right? Flawless logic. Except there’s this thing* that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. I made the mistake about six weeks ago … Continue reading Leaping

Hungarian Horntail

A break from the all-wedding all the time programming (though still a good illustration of how completely detached from reality I am). Preamble: now that we’re on the top floor (instead of wedged in the middle) we get a great deal more birds wheeling by outside our apartment than I am used to. I am … Continue reading Hungarian Horntail