Effing hell, I nearly forgot to blog today! NaBloPoMo almost got me, but lo, I’ve made it nearly halfway! Not that I have anything interesting to say mind you – but according to the rules, I have to put something here, so here you have it. Since I don’t really have anything of substance to … Continue reading Filler

Piece of Shit Car

I want to give you a good car-life, I really, really do! I got you inspected before buying you a little over a year ago, and other than that seemingly small pulley issue that the dealership said they’d fixed, you checked out A-ok. Well today marked the day I paid more in repairs for you, … Continue reading Piece of Shit Car


Thanks to an early birthday present from the lovely (and shiny!) Ellis, my car is suddenly lovely (and shiny!) again herself! While I slaved away at work for the day yesterday, J’Lo was pampered and primped at the Yaletown Auto Spa, getting a scrubdown inside and out. More pictures on flickr of course. I don’t … Continue reading Booty-licious!

The Diva

That’s the car’s new name. She’s been upgraded from J’Lo. Because she’s just THAT demanding. Now that I am a little over $900 poorer the car seems to be running well. The mechanic is so convinced his work is going to hold (he refused to say one way or the other before it was done) … Continue reading The Diva

Drip Drip Drop

Why is it that the first day my car’s outta commission and I can’t work from home so I have to take the peasant wagon (read: mass transit) to work it starts to rain and doens’t look like it’ll stop any time soon? Three point five more days until eleven off. P.S. I’m not actually … Continue reading Drip Drip Drop