The wheels weren't even this clean the day I bought her

Thanks to an early birthday present from the lovely (and shiny!) Ellis, my car is suddenly lovely (and shiny!) again herself!

While I slaved away at work for the day yesterday, J’Lo was pampered and primped at the Yaletown Auto Spa, getting a scrubdown inside and out. More pictures on flickr of course.

I don’t think my car was even this clean and shiny the day I bought it almost a year ago – and I certainly haven’t taken much time to de-scuzz the inside on any sort of regular basis since then, other than the (very) occasional throwing out of take-out garbage, and vacuuming out of dog hair.

And just in case you didn’t catch that first part, I’m rapidly approaching the wrong side of my Mid-20’s. July 27th is the 26th anniversary of the day I entered this world. While my wishlists are small, I have updated them in case you really wanted to toss trinkets my way to celebrate the day the world got just a little bit peechier (and who am I to deny you what you want, what you really want), you can find them here and here.

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3 thoughts on “Booty-licious!

  1. April

    Happy early Birthday! Welcome to the other side of a wise old lady of 27 I can say with great certaintly that it’s all downhill from here! Just kidding!

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