Vroom Vroom go Bye Bye

It’s the end of an era people. J’Lo has officially moved on to greener pastures. Or Coquitlam. Whatever.

The important thing is that she’s no longer my problem. Hooray!

Those of you who’ve been playing along at home for a little while will realize that this leaves the Wiederick/Watkiss household carless! Except not quite.

We joined the Co-operative Auto Network!

But instead of telling you about that, I’m going to go roll around in my small pile of cash before it goes to the bank. I’ll gush all about C.A.N. tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Vroom Vroom go Bye Bye

  1. Gwen

    Ooooh, if I could get a scholarship, I’d be joining… I think. But since that hasn’t happened yet, I haven’t looked into it. Looking forward to your thoughts about it.

  2. cubiclebuddyKristen

    I remember when J’Lo was your new baby. I am sad that your relationship with her went south.
    I suppose you just outgrew one another. Onto greener pastures Jen!
    I have just discovered the West Coast Express myself. For a mere $158 I have joined the Tri-city travellers community. Miss you!

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