Piece of Shit Car

I want to give you a good car-life, I really, really do!

I got you inspected before buying you a little over a year ago, and other than that seemingly small pulley issue that the dealership said they’d fixed, you checked out A-ok.

Well today marked the day I paid more in repairs for you, in only 18 months, than I paid for you!

That pulley cost over $500 to finally fix properly.

But I suppose it wasn’t soon enough for you, because you rebelled with your broken crankshaft. It’s ok, I didn’t need that $900 at Christmastime anyway.

So I was good to you. I spend about $1500 more on oil changes, filter changes, tune-ups, spark plugs, a new battery, radiator, transmission and brake fluid flushes.

I even went and got you fixed up right away when that idiot backed into you.

And this is how you repay me?


Fuck you car.

This is it. Anything else goes wrong, I’m pushing you off a damn cliff into the ocean.

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13 thoughts on “Piece of Shit Car

  1. April

    Sometimes you just gotta cut your losses. My car did the same shit to me a few months ago. I was this close to setting it on fire and driving it off a cliff, instead I sold it for way less than I paid for it but still worth it to have the problem off my hands and on someone elses!

  2. peechie Post author

    Yah, at this point we can’t really live without a car (the co-op isn’t an option with the dog) – and fixing it at the moment is cheaper than getting a new one.

    I’m just hoping it lasts a couple more years, and then it’s GONE.

  3. Grace


    I totally relate to your situation…been there done that! We got rid of our Dodge Caravan since then we promised ourselves not to by any american made cars/vehicles. We love our brand new Toyota Camry LE. Hoping to drive it ’til we are ready to get another Japanese made vehicle later. We wish to own a van again…maybe a Honda Odyssey. Good Luck!!!

  4. -j.

    Earlier this year, I was faced with the same situation…I “sold” it to the garage for the cost of the repairs. Best money I never spent.

  5. tcottontail

    The husband & I traded in our P.O.S. truck when things started to get ugly. Good thing we were given lots of year-end incentives and the like so the dealership ended up paying the truck off for us! Believe me, I feel your pain. Vehicle repairs suck!

  6. peechie Post author

    Yah – other than oil changes etc. to keep it running as long as it will, this is the LAST major repair we’ll undertake on it. Anything else happens, it’s SO fired.

  7. donna

    You can use the co-op with a dog, she’d just have to be crated when in the car, and you wouldn’t be able to use the allergy-free cars. Since the vast majority are not allergy free, that shouldn’t be much trouble.

  8. peechie Post author

    The problem with a crate for a 70lb dog is that most of them don’t fit well into small cars. That said, I emailed the co-op and they were cool with a seat cover and a doggie seatbelt. Their major concern is hair, so as long as we’d vacuum up after her they don’t much care.

    We’ll totally go the co-op route if the car breaks again before we’re ready to buy another one.

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