Tuesday Miscellany

When you misdial the last four digits of your esthetician’s phone number as -0300 instead of -0030, the woman at Atlas Yachts will be very confused when you don’t listen to her greeting and just launch into a request for a Brazilian Wax appointment.

Why is it that the very second you’re trapped in an elevator (no matter how short the entrapment) your first two thoughts are “I’m thirsty” and “I need to pee” even though the concepts contradict, and neither statement was true 3 seconds prior.

Getting rid of my festive halloween shirt in a fit of “I’m sick of packing” pique last summer seemed like a good idea. Now, not so much. Not because I want to wear it myself today, but because I’m pretty sure it would have fit the dog.

I have a really fun blog post to share, but it involves scanning and uploading and clever commentary, and I’m always just a bit too tired when I get home to bother with it. I need some motivation.

And because I’m so good at following through with my blog promises (I don’t do it on purpose, I just forget!), I figuredperhaps the appropriate motivation will come if I sign up for this. So I did. That’s right – one post every day. Even weekends! Oy. We’ll see if I make it past November 2nd.

According to some, my blog is “dead boring” now that I don’t have men puking over my balcony every other weekend. Here’s to a month of quantity over quality, hopefully something amusing also comes out of it!

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