Three Fab Things: Roundup – I’ve now been taking work notes with this system for an entire year. Unprecidented! I don’t incorporate any personal notes in this book (I use phone reminders & lists for that), but it’s made it amazingly easy to keep track of the various meetings, events, projects, task lists, etc. that I’m juggling at … Continue reading Three Fab Things: Roundup


Moving house can often lead you to see your possessions in a new light. Especially when you have packed in a hurry, without making much effort to thin your piles of stuff before beginning. And are then distanced from that stuff for half a year. Because who the hell brings tea (from the new world, … Continue reading Tea-mendous


I never realized how much I look to Thanksgiving as a passage into Autumn. A time to start reconnecting with family & friends after the frantic, flighty summer. And while it might be Decorative Gourd Season all over the Northern Hemisphere, England doesn’t have Thanksgiving. Photo by Reclamation Revolution on Flickr We’ve started down the … Continue reading Thanks

What it’s Like

Quite a few people have been asking what it’s been like to have relocated, and I feel like I don’t have a great answer. Because currently, it doesn’t feel like, well, much of anything. I feel like I should have a better answer. Something like going to museums, sitting up in late night philosopher’s cafes, … Continue reading What it’s Like


Fun kid thing of late: At some point, Neil started reacting to Isaac’s more… impressive… diapers by exclaiming “Wow!” in the midst of changing him. I’m not sure when it really caught on, but now, Isaac exclaims “Wow!” every time his pants come off. Kid, I wish you a life where someone always says “Wow!” … Continue reading WOW!

The Curse of the Roll-up

I have been tempting the fates with my Timmy’s purchases, since it’s the most convenient coffee stop on the way to work. BUT NO MORE! Not until the damn Roll-Up contest is done. So far I haven’t won anything in this year’s campaign. But the other day, Neil’s cup won a donut. And look what … Continue reading The Curse of the Roll-up