None of these things have anything to do with eachother, but none of them are significant enough to devote a separate entry to. And I just felt the need to ramble. Is the last word still the last word when it’s a silent decision to not dignify something with a response? I am scared to … Continue reading Sketches


Gerbonium (my gerbil) died today. Not that it wasn’t coming, he lived a happy and prosperous 4 years. I don’t think I’ll replace him – does anyone know anyone who wants a gerbil/hamster cage and some accessories and supplies? Oh yah – and plucking stiff gerbil out of a cage with a plastic bag covered … Continue reading rip

bodily functions

On the way home today, some girl puked all over the interior door of the skytrain, and herself in the process. Very gross. It was a little kid (about 12) so I guess she couldn’t help it – but it was seriously disgusting. I had Koya Japan udon for lunch. It was surprisingly edible in … Continue reading bodily functions

Show me the $$

I was just browsing the site when a window popped up – if I choose to participate in their little study, which monitors my activity on their site for 8 weeks, they’ll send me $50. Hey, $50 is $50 – so I signed right up. Privacy Schmivacy. I don’t really know how much I’ll … Continue reading Show me the $$