I thought about making some sort of personal resolutions this year, but 2008 is shaping up to be a year of so much activity, growth and change already I think I’ll just give myself a big pat on the back for making it through. It starts off with becoming a first-time homeowner, complete with list … Continue reading Resolved

Did you Pass Math?

Apologies for the extra step in commenting here, but since the “close old posts” and Akismet plugins are starting to fail miserably (87 spam comments to be moderated in 2 hours), there’s one more simple step required to leave your mark on la watercooler. I’ve installed the “Did You Pass Math” plugin, which requires you … Continue reading Did you Pass Math?

Blog Update

Just a wee, quick note. I’m getting insane amounts of spam these days, and didn’t want to be so annoying as to install a “capcha” – so I’ve gone with the seemingly lesser of a few evils: I’ve activated the “close comments after 21 days” plugin. If you want to comment on a post older … Continue reading Blog Update

And the Winner Is…

Some lovely reader out there has nominated my blog for the Canadian Blog Awards. Colour me flattered! WorldWideWaterCooler is nominated in both the “Best Humour Blog” and “Best Personal Blog” categories. Whoever send in the nominations, thanks so much. Nominations close November 12th, and you can vote for your favourites starting on the 15th. Continue reading And the Winner Is…

Looky Loo

What do we do when we have no content? Figure out what’s bringing people back anyway – SEARCH STRINGS! The list was looooooooong, but amusing, so I thought I’d share a few of the best with you. water cooler – #1 result. duh. Sorry if you were looking for the Culligan Man. nose cauterized – … Continue reading Looky Loo

Ooh, Shiny

I’m back from the weekend’s regatta, plus medals, a racerback tan line, and a whole lotta muscle ache, minus sleep, sleep and more sleep. I don’t speak too much about rowing on this site, since frankly, it’s pretty boring to anyone but rowers. However, for the few people who may be interested/curious, I particpated in … Continue reading Ooh, Shiny