Zoom Zoom CRASH

J’Lo is sick.

I know when I bought her she had a few issues. I mean, how can you be J’Lo without some baggage?

What I didn’t expect was to have the car go past THREE different mechanics before a fourth finally told me what exactly needed to be done.

So I’ve had FIVE car-less days, and spent $500 to get ONE problem fixed (which should’ve cost half that were it fixed the first time), and there are about four more on the backburner. So I’ve had my harmonic balancer – which sounds more like a yoga pose than a car part – replaced.

Apparently in addition to that someone at some point sawed off the bottom half of my timing belt cover, because it was rubbing on a bolt that’s not supposed to be there, and the alternator belt is far too long, causing some other bolt to protrude where it shouldn’t.

All in all, I’m glad it’s finally being dealt with properly, and I want to give huge shoutouts to everyone at Nic’s Garage! They’ve been beyond great to me, and hopefully everything will be tickety-boo sooner rather than later.

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