8 thoughts on “Hosed.”

  1. Just a question, though? Is it really worth putting another $1500 into it? It might be, I’m not in your shoes. It might be better to throw it through the auction and try again, too, though?

    Just a thought.

    ps: I likely have access to some other cheap vehicles, that you might prefer, which have been repossessed… Meaning no history usually, but also means that people haven’t gotten rid of it because there’s something seriously wrong with the car.

  2. Ouch and OUCH. And worse off, its not one of those little ‘do it yourself’ jobbies either. I mean, a camshaft wouldn’t be bad – but the crankshaft? eeeep!

    Don’t suppose its covered under any warranties is it?

  3. No warranties.

    At this point, I do need to put some cash into it to get it running again so I can unload it without losing most of my initial investment. So far we’re up to about $900. This will definitely be the last money I put into the car.

    Right now I need to decide whether I want to attempt to drive it until spring, or unload it right away and go back to being carless for a few months until I get some additional finances behind me and can spend more on something better or on a brand new domestic economy model.

  4. Hey, before you get the work done I would seriously consider getting rid of the car as is. If it runs, you may be better off, as it is doubtful you will make back the money the repairs cost when you get rid of it. If you are looking to get rid of it (even as is) and/or replace it, my Dad could help you with both things (getting a decent dollar for the old car with as little hassle as possible, and finding something decent for a good price). If this appeals to you at all just let Todd know.

  5. One more thing before I forget, while a rebuild for a crank shaft is very expensive at it is highly labour intensive, you may want to look into a used engine for the car. I imagine they are probably rather reasonably priced for your particular car and am pretty sure it is a fairly easy swap. I also still have connections with used auto parts suppliers and would be able to swing a good deal. If you gave me the specs of the car I could call and get you a price if you’re interested.

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