I think the car has a name: J’lo, the big booty ho.

How did this come about? I’ll let the IM log speak for itself:

todd: what kind is it?
peechie: ’96 geo metro, white
todd: teardrop style?
peechie: yes, except no – it’s a 4 door sedan, so it has a trunk.
todd: trunks are good
peechie: indeed
todd: for to put the junk in
peechie: yes, I’m a fan of junk in the trunk
todd: me too.

And thus, a star is born.

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10 thoughts on “J’Lo

  1. NetChick

    Yep, that can ONLY be *my* brother in that particular little dialogue. I’m so proud of him.

    [place eye roll here] You guys are weirdos.

  2. bchguy

    Hey Peechie … lots of progress on the new car.

    What’s happening with the new guy you were in negotiations with a week or so ago?

    Any updates?


  3. peechie Post author

    Guy entry coming soon… maybe after the weekend. I’ve been working on what exactly I do and don’t want to say – it’s hard to write about him when he might read it đŸ™‚ Perils of blogging I suppose.

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