I took J’Lo out to the parentals today to change the oil (yes, I do it myself) and give her a good scrubdown.

The Mr.Clean Auto-whatchamacallit car washing system can KISS MY WHITE ASS. It sucks. It would suck a lot less if the 18-frillion connections between it and the hose didn’t leak and spray water all over the place, but it does and they do. Hate it.

Because park under trees every day, my car is covered in sap and needs another wash (because I gave up halfway through the Mr. Clean bullshit) and a good waxing. Note to self, schedule an hour or two to get that done soon, before it eats through the clearcoat.

I also took the time to look underneath, and my muffler is full of holes. I’m torn between replacing it myself (it’s in a really easy location and I think it’d be fun to do) or just taking it somewhere. Doing it myself means taking another weekend off to go to the land of jacks and tools (otherwise known as my parents’ garage).

After the oil change and peek underneath was done, I backed out of the garage, and promptly scraped my car along the side of my mom’s. Oops. After washing, cut polishing and waxing the sides of our cars, hers is (thankfully) good as new, and mine has a slight crease in the rear quarter panel where her side mirror dug in, and is missing some paint off the bumper. Another task: purchase touch up paint and set aside time to paint-in the missing bits on my car.

And then? My brother lent me this, this, this and this. So obviously my progress and productivity on any of the above has instantly regressed to zero.

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  1. spoonman

    If you buy that touchup paint, USE IT RIGHT AWAY AND THROW IT AWAY when finished. I bought some for the rock chips in my jeep last may, and didn’t get around to using it until july….at which point it had somehow opened and leaked all over the change compartment I was keeping it in. I opened the compartment up and had about 30 bucks in loonies and toonies stuck together in one giant mass of coins and silver paint. And of course, the rock chips go untouched.

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