Looky Loo

What do we do when we have no content?

Figure out what’s bringing people back anyway – SEARCH STRINGS!

The list was looooooooong, but amusing, so I thought I’d share a few of the best with you.

water cooler – #1 result. duh. Sorry if you were looking for the Culligan Man.
nose cauterized – apparently nobody who clicks through to this page has heard of about.com, but it’s become some sort of strange message board for those who want to share their advice and experience.
tattooed grandma – I expect I’ll be friends with quite a few once I’m grandma age.
bikini wax etiquette– Is there a call for a post on this? I could definitely oblige.
spelunking equipment – Heh, sorry.
eggo waffles weight watcher points – seriously? just eat real food.
vodka martini caloric intake – see! eat your veggies, and save the points for the liquor.
show me pictures of a person that was 2nd and 3rd degree burns on the face. – really? gross.
dating a spoiled princessNeil? We live together – you should know what it’s like.
yearbooks of hope secondary – I have 1993/4 through 1997/8
fashion to flatter women with large thighs – medium rise, straight leg pants and A-Line skirts. You’re welcome.
naked pictures – just in general? try National Geographic.
used facial bed in toronto sale – a bed for your face? a bed to get facials in? what kinda facial are we talkin’ anyway? I don’t know if I want to know.
how to deal with crazy roomates – eviction.
how to fix bad short haircut – uh, wow. Buy a hat.
narcissism and breakups – clearly you found exactly what you were looking for here.
fashion pleated pants – No. No. No.
i gave him a second chance – I keep telling people not to do this, and they keep doing it anyway.
wash and go hairstyles for thick and curly hair – Ahahahahah. hahah. hah. You were kidding with that one, right?
poo head bum fluff – Stinky butt pickle face! So there!
no pleated pants dating – Obviously another person who was looking expressely for moi.
never date a guy who wear contacts – I beg to differ!
coke in brita filter – Good smuggling idea! Nobody will notice the powder in with that charcoal! Too bad I didn’t think of that… (uh.. not that I would.. drugs r baad, mm kay?)
fuck frenzy jennifer – heh. I admit to nothing.
feet in mouth lov – whatever floats your boat there partner.
will chocolate be compatible with napster to go – I always advocate chocolate with my music. Or with anything really.
jose cuervo is my friend – Gah. Not mine! Oh my hell. I get nauseous just thinking about it.
pants for large thighs – Again? Another post request perhaps?
five things about liverwurst – Tasty. Creamy. Liverlicious… I’m stumped.
catholic faith beliefs premarital sex confession communion – You appear to be missing a sacrament or two.
lululemon pronounciation – ru-ru-ray-mown (I kid. don’t hate!)
motherfucking chicken dance – I imagine that’s a lot like the regular chicken dance, with more… feeling.
marathon wheezing – perhaps you should take up bingo, instead of distance running?
kinda like your mom trebek – that’s what you get for defecting, Alex.
embolism greyhound bus dangers – I just don’t know, but I can’t imagine an embolism while stuck between a flatulent senior citizen and a shifty looking ex con would be extremely safe.
shebang flags farming lagGill? I think your cat has some… odd hobbies.
hop on the bus gus i will seriously marry you – how romantic! *swoon*
thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love – you’re welcome.
where do find water worldwide? – uh.. in the ocean?

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