Here’s one for the geeks.

Know what would be really cool? If I could select an option on search engines that would automatically sort results based on geographic relevance.

For instance: I need some information on community and career resources in Prince George. If I select that little box, a tool runs to grab my IP and gives me results for the city of Prince George, BC instead of Prince George County, MD. Heck, let me save a profile with my address and postal code, or any other geographic location indicators so I get results that are far more relevant.

Google: know that “default address” I selected for your pretty maps utility? How’s about you use it to filter my search results as well. Maybe only if I ask you to – but I’d like to be able to ask you to.

This should be possible.

Anyone know anyone who might want to do something about this?

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7 thoughts on “Helpful

  1. Chris

    Google might want to, but it isn’t going to be easy. Do sites with no discernable address rank above or below sites with an address far away from you? Do they have to do a secondary search to find out that “Prince George, near the Patuxent River”, isn’t the same as “Prince George, near the Fraser River”? Should your search for “Prince George career” return anything about the military career of England’s Prince George?

  2. peechie Post author

    Chris: relevant points, and I won’t pretend I know anything about search technology, but it shouldn’t be *that* difficult to ask for a search with immediately discernable addresses that are within my default zone to come up.

    I should be able to set up a search profile, and ask it to display the most relevant information based on that. TiVo profiles me, why can’t google?

    As for sites that don’t display an address, the search companies can’t solve *every* problem. You want me to find your site? Work on your SEO.

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