Drop Off – Redux

9 thoughts on “Drop Off – Redux”

  1. Yikes! I found out about the girlfriend not long ago and I was shocked that a guy would act like that. And as for “skinny guy”, puh-leaze. I’ve met you, and you are skinny. At least, I thought so, but then I’m not a shallow guy who wants to date a supermodel, so what do I know?

  2. To be fair, no one knew guy #2 and girlfriend were still together, including the best friends. As far as any of us knew, they had split up in September.

    And anyone who thinks you’re fat is stupid 😛

  3. Yah. To be fair, I really don’t believe Mr. Twiggy thought I was fat. He’d just prefer someone who’s itty-bitty.

    As for Guy #2… sometimes there’s a reason “crazy girls” get that way…

  4. i agree with NetChick – you are itty bitty.

    well, except that fabulous caboose of yours. but who wants an itty bitty caboose? pffft. 😉

  5. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Peechie gives me big-time ass-envy.

    Man, that’s crazy stuff though. I do agree with you that honesty is the best policy. A guy who admits to being a jackass is still better (though only slightly) one who has no fucking clue.

  6. Ummm.. hi… I just thought that maybe I should introduce myself… I am Lindsey.. the “on again, off again GF” I think that this whole thing would have jsut been avoided if everyone communicated.. and to be quite honest – it is ALL Luke’s fault. It ABSOLUTELY kills mee to read that he was excited about going on dates with you especially since he told me that it only happened once.. but he just need a serious kick in the ass.. i have nothing to say to justify his actions – he is not in very good standing right now and is trying to dig himself out of a very big hole… and in MY defense.. the best friends DID know.. as i have communicated about how things have been on the mend. Living further apart is NOT easy and hopefully we can all jsut forget about this so that I can sleep for the first time in a couple of nights.

    ps: You seem like a fun girl and I bet that WE would get along grand! hahahah!

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