Pub Golf

9 thoughts on “Pub Golf”

  1. Does Pub Golf end with everybody grabbing each others’ tits?

    (Just looking at the photo, and it seems to be … a collage almost solely of people grabbing other people’s tits.)

  2. Boob grabbing wasn’t an official part of the game, but it did end up being our unofficial theme by the end of the night. I can’t pretend to have a logical explanation. Blame that on the Par 3 pint of Guinness.

  3. no no, par goes all the way up to 5 (that was for a black & tan), and the max score you can record is 2x par (so 10 for that hole). You still don’t have to finish the drink in 10 sips… that’s just the highest you’ll score.

  4. Ha, i have Played a couple of times in england, with some aussie mates, and made it through both times…i think…., nice to see the word being spread

  5. great game lads. we have made our own, much harsher pub golf up here in perth, scotland. if you want any info on our course then give me an e-mail.


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