Pub Golf

Alternate title, My weekend in a nutshell…


Each bar is a hole on the pub golf course. You must order the drink indicated on the scorecard. Each sip counts as 1 golf stroke. Max No. of strokes/hole = 2x par.

Players placed in teams of 4. Player with worst score at 1st hole will keep scores of the rest of their foursome for the remaining holes.

Players MUST wear appropriate golf wear (ie. No jeans, collared shirt, golf glove). Fine of $10 for inappropriate clothing.

Rowdy, rude and outrageous behaviour is encouraged. Should any player be kicked out of a bar along the way, he or she will record an automatic score of 0 for that hole (congratulations!).

If a player throws up, he or she must yell “FORE!” prior to blowing chunks, or else be further penalized by scoring 2x par on that hole.

If a player is unable to finish all 18 holes, he or she must do the honourable thing and buy out by donating $20 to the community fund. After his or her contribution, the player will receive a hug from all remaining players and be placed gently in a cab.

Water – No player may go to the washroom at this hole. Violation = $10 fine.
Sand – Player may only drink with non-glove hand. Violaion = $10 fine.
Tree – All players must finish their drinks within 5 minutes of the first person to finish. Violation = 2x par.

The winner of pub golf (the golfer with the lowest score, of course) will receive the respect and admiration of all fellow golfers, and a hearty pat on the back, with best wishes, and a challenge to defend his/her title on the next round.

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9 thoughts on “Pub Golf

  1. Richard

    Does Pub Golf end with everybody grabbing each others’ tits?

    (Just looking at the photo, and it seems to be … a collage almost solely of people grabbing other people’s tits.)

  2. peechie Post author

    Boob grabbing wasn’t an official part of the game, but it did end up being our unofficial theme by the end of the night. I can’t pretend to have a logical explanation. Blame that on the Par 3 pint of Guinness.

  3. peechie Post author

    no no, par goes all the way up to 5 (that was for a black & tan), and the max score you can record is 2x par (so 10 for that hole). You still don’t have to finish the drink in 10 sips… that’s just the highest you’ll score.

  4. Emma

    Ha, i have Played a couple of times in england, with some aussie mates, and made it through both times…i think…., nice to see the word being spread

  5. kev duncan

    great game lads. we have made our own, much harsher pub golf up here in perth, scotland. if you want any info on our course then give me an e-mail.


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