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  1. You know, voices are such an important thing in the formula of attractions, so I don’t think it should be all that controversial when you dislike an accent. Hell, if it’s acceptable to like one, it should be equally acceptable to dislike one.

    “Don’t even fall for Aussies”

    So this part gave me a big chuckle, because of all the accents I’ve ever heard, Australian accents I find the absolute least attractive.

    We so wouldn’t have the same taste in men in almost every other category (okay, totally agree with you on the nosehair thing), because if I want manly I want it all the way or the opposite end of the scale: as pretty as Prince. GQ is too much middle of the road. On that same note, I admit to having a wee bit of a fascination with green eyes.

    Tall & GQ is my utter definition of boring/typical. Plus soooo hard to find someone in that category that doesn’t have the corresponding GQ ego. I know we’re talking physical type here, but personality is so often affected when someone fits too closely what media most often tells us is attractive.

    But hey, we’re shopping for you here, not me. Kudos for being brave enough to put it all so detailed into words.

  2. “7. Private Parts: Skill can be taught. Size does matter. Not a lot, but it does.”

    People get mad at me whenever i say this. Although, i think that’s usually because the men who hear me say it are not particularly well endowed.

    Mind you, there are still those select few who cannot be taught, but i think that has more to do with having to break their egos first. It’s amazing what a little laughing at somebody while they’re naked will do to break them of their egotistical ways.

  3. Yes, size DOES matter! Anyone who says it doesn’t has not tried to have sex with someone who has an unbearably large penis. Ow, ow, ow.

    Was that TMI? Probably, but hey, you brought it up. 😉

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