Everyone Else Is Doing It

So we have all agreed. Blogger + Significant Other = Dearth of Content. Oops. I’ll try to break through the status quo on that one.

Gill and Nelson were sappy enough to post lists of traits and characteristics about their lov-ahs that made them want to stick around.

But while some people can make sappy amusing, I am not one of them.

So I present to you a list of things that, despite their extreme level of horribleness, I have thus far stuck around through:

-Possesses armpits that, occasionally, smell like tennis shoes that John McEnroe didn’t remove for an entire week-long bender.
-Owns a car with a standard transmission, which I am no good at driving.
-Is chipper in the morning (has since learned that all I want in the AM is coffee and silence)
-Lives in a house with a four and seven year old. Not his, but…. children. **shudder**
-His last name starts with the same letter as mine, W. This totally breaks one of my “perfect man wish list” criteria, as I was hoping to move further up on the alphabet ladder, by simply changing my last name to that of my future husband – preferably a Mr. Adams or Mr. Brown.
-He very nearly ripped one of my piercings straight out of my body, thus killing any mood that had been established and causing me a great amount of pain.
-Refuses to acknowledge the goodness that is Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Considering I have not run screaming far, far away by now despite the above, I’m thinking it’s a sign from the universe at large that this one’s a keeper.

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