6 thoughts on “Flipside”

  1. “Has only seen 3% of movies worth watching, released since 1994, and doesn’t care.”

    I wouldn’t worry about this one–it’s very common. Movies appeal (and, I guess, are made to appeal) more to men than women.

    What can I say? I like sitting alone in the dark.

  2. Hahah ditto on the movie thing. Drives him nuts that there are all these old “great movies” that I have no interest in seeing.

    KD ROX!!!

  3. Hrmmm… Good idea on the list. Perhaps we should do our own! Might be fun.

    Then again, maybe not! Ha!

    Looking forward to seeing you and the boy on Saturday night… Gonna be a total blast!

  4. I can’t say I’m one for the KD. It got me through childhood and university, but now my body craves food with nutritional value. Maybe it’s old age setting in.

  5. of all the places to run into you, Peechie..

    body odour can be affected considerably by diet: if you don’t believe me, try making a curry with a significant amount of fenugreek (methi) seed or leaf in it, and then compare body odour for next 4 days with the smell of the seeds/leaves when toasted.

    So bearing that thought in mind .. has significant other been secretly chewing John McEnroe’s shoes?

    happy spelunking.. my very own single cave arrives in 2 weeks.. 24 feet and 1 inch of blackness all the way from Ontario.. 🙂

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