Two Years

Look at that, another wedding anniversary! We’ve been so busy lately, it really crept up on us. Plans include a quiet dinner at home with a bottle of the good wine. One of the bigger challenges in the past months has been dealing with the wacky health (physical and mental) issues our damn dog’s been … Continue reading Two Years

One Year Ago Today…

Welcome, to all of you who have gathered today to share in this ceremony with Neil and Jennifer. The words which will be spoken here today are sacred, although these words are not what joins these two. Indeed, it is not I who is joining these two today at all, nor is it this ceremony.

We are not here to mark the start of a relationship; we are here to recognize a bond that already exists. Neil and Jennifer have joined themselves together, and we have gathered so that they might bear witness before us of the oneness that has grown up between them. Here, they will affirm this oneness and this dedication formally and publicly, as they have already affirmed it to each other. As they now exist as one in their own eyes; so may they exist in yours.

This union has already occurred in the giving and receiving of their love and in the myriad ways in which they have entwined their lives together.

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Sandy Claws

My first kiss was with Ben Newcombe. We were 11. I'm pretty sure it was his first kiss too. We used to hang out on a bunch of sand dunes (or so we called them) near our respective houses. A bunch of sand had been dumped on a piece of swampy-ish land to compress the … Continue reading Sandy Claws

The Wedding

Now that I finally have time to write, most of the memories about our wedding are getting quite hazy. Thankfully the pictures were just finished, so I at least have a reference for what actually went on. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous or edgy at all on our wedding day. I’d … Continue reading The Wedding


We made it to our beautiful villa in Spain, and not a moment too soon. Morocco is a hard country to visit as a tourist. Totally worth it, but definitely more difficult than any trip I’ve taken before. I’ll get more into that in a post once we’re home. Anyhow, just as we finally thought … Continue reading Hola!


Well, we did it! I’m currently hanging out in bed at the Fairmont YVR, drinking coffee and slowly waking up before breakfast. Our flight leaves at 15:10. For the wedding, the weather turned around completely and we had beautiful sunshine as the perfect backdrop to a really lovely ceremony. And the reception was definitely the … Continue reading Hitched!