Talking Head

Some of you may remember I was contemplating getting a tattoo while on vacation. It didn’t actually happen, but it came damned close!

I was perusing the Miami Ink website, and lo and behold, they had an open call for applications to be tattooed on the show! So, with the help of Mel and Jen, we toodled off one day to shoot some film (an application requirement for all out-of-area submissions) to sell me to the show’s crew.

They did get my video, and did call and invite me down to their casting offices. Unfortunately, the timeline didn’t work out. I was in Cayman (because of the trip extension) when they wanted to have me in, and was arriving home when shooting was about to start.

But never fear! While you won’t see me on TLC any time soon, I’ve posted my audition tape here for you. Enjoy!

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