RHS #21 – Keep Your Head in the Game

It’s true, I’m so good at making people comfortable that they’ll say nearly anything – completely forgetting where they are, what they’re doing and who they’re talking to.

Advice: for the first date or two at least, keep on your toes. Try to focus on the date at hand, otherwise you may inadvertently treat your date to some awfully amusing “foot-in-mouth” moments.

And not all dates will take this kind of remark as well as I will:

Slipups such as “Wow, you’ve had quite the adventure dating.” After regaling my dinner companion with tales of my mating misfortune. “I haven’t had any bad dates yet, though I’m sure I’ve definitely got some coming to me.”

Which inevitably leads to the f ollow up “Er.. not that you’re a bad date, I just mean the next person I date… er… unless we have a really good time tonight… uh… I don’t mean *that* kind of good time… um… unless you want to – which is cool too, but totally not expected… I mean… uhm… uh….. “

And to that I say Stop. Put down the Shovel. Stop digging yourself further into that hole, and just walk away.

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2 thoughts on “RHS #21 – Keep Your Head in the Game

  1. Carla

    you put it so eloquently 😉
    If I ever need some comic relief, I know I will find it on your blog!

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