Sound the Alarm!

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  1. Though I don’t have experience to speak from, I would vote against the tattoo while traveling, at least on the way there. Hanging out on Grand Cayman with a big huge bandaid might wreck your tan line 😉

  2. oooo! a tattoo? what are you thinking of getting?

    (she asks as someone that has always wanted a tattoo and could never make up her mind for more than five minutes about “what” or “where”…)

  3. oh and i actually meant to type about wireless internet – derrh.

    wouldn’t there be an airport hotel there or something? they *must* offer wireless… but possibly not for free.

  4. wireless internet: Honolulu’s airport had one… if you were willing to pay something like $6 US for an hour. I had an hour to kill, but… $6? Are you kidding? No. I read my book.

    tattoo: You do not want to travel with a fresh tattoo, I promise you. The first day hurts, and the second (and several subsequent days) itch like a motherfucker while your newly colored skin flakes off rather snake-like.

  5. If you’re going to get a tattoo, do it on the way home. You can’t get it wet and you can’t allow it in direct sunlight but it won’t start itching until it starts to heal, which takes a couple of days so you should be alright if you get it at the end of the trip.

  6. Speaking as someone who has spent more time in Miami Int’l than… well a lot of time. there are a few unadvertised, unsecured wireless hotspots using SSIDs like ‘Linksys’ 🙂

    COncourse F (coincidentally that’s where Cayman Airways is) has one. Walk alll the way down to the end where Burger King and the duty free is, and you can probably hop on it.

    Best place to relax there is the chapel on the 3rd floor. It’s dark, it’s quiet, and no one hardly goes in there. Use your jacket or whatever for a pillow, stretch out on a pew and away you go.

    There IS a hotel there. It’s… a hotel. Quite expensive, and like any airport, ALWAYS under renovations of some sort.

    You used to be able to take the elevator up to the 4th floor, pay the $6 drop-in fee at the health club and go for a swim, sit in the hot tub or sauna, have a shower and clean yourself up and then go back downstairs and catch your connector.

    Fortunately (or unfortunately) im usually running through MIA to catch a flight at the last minute these days.

  7. I got a tattoo on my leg and then travelled on a train for 4 days, so I speak from experience when I say:

    There are some down sides (like having to find somewhere hygenic to wash the tatoo in hot water every few hours), but there are also some upsides (like not having your real life interrupted by a tattoo).

    Basically, you have to keep it away from sunlight and keep it from touching other things, so if at work you need to keep that part of your body covered or whatever, that may be a problem. I happily sat for four days with my pant leg rolled up and read.

    Long-story short: travelling with a fresh tattoo is not all bad.

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