Desperate Times…

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  1. … And on a related subject, last weekend my somewhat-significant other dragged me to Safeway because I’d been using Kleenex instead of toilet paper for a week, and I only had two tissues left. I didn’t see the rush; I still had table napkins.

  2. I would have bugged the neighbour. Or better yet, hidden option E: stayed at a friends place. But WAY more fun would have been the sink or the p-mate. The problem is that those things usually catch up to me…

  3. In university, my residence hall room only had a sink in it. The washroom was a communal one down the hall. I didn’t know a single person, male or female, who bothered to use anything other than the sink in the middle of the night. So my vote is E.

  4. At a party once in high school at some run down old house where some people we knew were renting, a friend and I hit the bathroom together – I took the toilet, she couldn’t wait and took the sink. There had been a lot of drinking going on. Only, it was an old house, and the sink was just attached to the wall and wasn’t set in a counter or anything like that. There was a large crack when she sat on it. We vacated the scene before anything bad came of it, but we know that a few days later the landlords were there replacing the sink and apparently had a lot to say about their new renters. The sink wasn’t the only thing that was broken that night, but we weren’t responsible for any of the other stuff. Oops.

  5. I’m thinking… NEIGHBOURS. What better way to get to know those close by, hey?

    Happy Valentine’s!!! Thanks for the sweet note earlier today.

    Hope the toilet is fixed now.

  6. kitchen sink all the way.

    also, IANALNDIPOOTV, but I suspect that not having a functional toilet would legallly render your place uninhabitable, and therefore unrentable. I’d go down to the office and demand a refund of that one days rent, dammit!

  7. actually, Cam has a point: You have a serious “loss of enjoyment” of your premises due to the work they’re doing. You’re totally entitled to a reduction on this months rent. If they haven’t offered it already, you may want to contact your local RTO. πŸ™‚

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