Northern Voice Recap

I’ve been completely burnt out since the conference ended on Saturday, but here are a few notes I wanted to get down before the post becomes completely irrelevanat:

– Whenever I go to a conference or event with people I know, I inevitably hang out with them, and don’t meet new people. I should work on that.

– There seemed to be a larger valley this year between the technophiles and the storytellers. That said, I think Eric Rice’sEverything Casting” presentation managed to bring both sides of the picture together and I really enjoyed it. Check out the slides of his “Epsilon Construct” here.

-The Blogs in the Bedroom panel I sat on went pretty much as anticipated. I’ve heard mixed reviews, and have mixed feelings about the whole thing myself. I think the panel was a good idea in and of itself, but as panels sometimes do (since they’re fueled by the audience’s questions), it went in a direction that I don’t think lived up to its potential. Ah well.

– I also have the small complaint that at least two of the panelists and the moderator had no idea who I was or where my site was located. I know I’m not more than a minnow in an ever-growing pond, and that the moderator was put in as a last-minute schedule change in the busy couple days before the event, but I think doing 30 minutes of background research to acquaint one’s self on one’s fellow panelists (I know I did – isn’t that what “About Pages” are for?) is just good practice when doing these things.

-The most important lesson learned of the day: The Templeton doesn’t open until 9:00am on Saturdays. The Elbow Room doesn’t open until 8:00am on Saturdays. However, Two Parrots is open before 7:00am, and the breakfast is plentiful and very edible.

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4 thoughts on “Northern Voice Recap

  1. James

    Hi Jen, I find I go to conferences and meet up wiht the people I know and then don’t end up meeting new people too. I meant to come by and introduce myself to you as a reader but didn’t. Next time I will.

    I missed the Blogs in the Bedroom panel because, to be honest, I was done, the sun was out and life beyond the conference bunker just held way more appeal. From a friend I heard it was well done.

  2. Ven

    You are right. I left the “blogging in the bedroom” panel mid-way because it didn’t live up to what it should have been. You were really the only interesting person there with something to say. Everyone else was just into talking about themselves rather than the issues.

    There is no point in having a panel when everyone on the panel and the only audience members have the same point of view.

    At least you had something different to say. Check out my blog (which will soon be moving to a proper website) to see that perhaps I cross the line on this issue.

  3. Ponzi

    Hi Jen – It was nice meeting you. FWIW I thought you were the most interesting person on the panel too. I for one am not used to being up on stage, on a panel. So, I wasn’t comfortable. Have you done this before? You were awesome, a natural!

  4. Julie

    Hi Jen,

    I am glad to have met you and I am glad you were on the panel! Thank you!
    I didn’t know what to expect from the panel and I thought it went well. Thanks for all you shared. And I’m glad to be reading your blog. 🙂

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