I want you Bad.

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  1. It’s so pathetic that one almost HAS to laugh at it.

    Ummm. Not so much. The thought that someone who could be responsible for saving MY life could have had a night like this even 48 hours earlier disturbs me.

  2. Wow. That’s seriously an awful date. It’s not so much the puking, although that’s icky enough, but the lack of acknowledgement for your help that really makes him a writeoff. Anyone can have a few too many and end up ill, but at the very least, the next day you say sorry.

  3. DAmn…. I thought the date was bad and I didn’t even have all the details. What planet is this guy from??

    Ditto to bree on the lack of acknowledgement… that’s just stupid. He was clearly ill, he knew he did dumbass things… and he didn’t even think to mention it even to laugh about it?

    BZzzzzt. You’re disqualified, RescueDork!

  4. He did say “I can’t believe you’re putting up with me” quite a few times. I replied that if I were in such a state, I’d appreciate someone taking care of me. He didn’t actually respond with the obvious “thank you” though.

  5. and i figured the guy would be “ridiculously-high-standarded” out the door when he kept yelling in your ear while talking to someone right next to you.


  6. Yep, that’s pretty awful. The only way it could have gotten worse is if he had puked all over your apartment.

    Coincidentally, this happened to my roommate in college. Instead of a firefighter, hers was a Marine. A night of drinking and peeing in cabs and puking in the bushes and walls outside our dorm turned into this guy projectile vomiting off the top bunk…while I was on the bottom bunk trying to eat a sandwich at 4 in the morning.

    Um… ew.

  7. Let me get this straight. He gets snot-hangin’ drunk, and you invite him back to your place to crash!?!? He actually tells you his “ex” is coming over and that’s how he talks his way into your apartment!? Despite all the booze this piss-hound consumed, you gotta admit, he was smooth enough to pull that one over on ya.

  8. spoonman: I’d previously stayed at his place, and he’d stayed at mine. In this case, my female “nurturing instinct” set in and I didn’t want to just abandon him, drunk and alone. And his drunk ass was completely denied any trace of the sweet, sweet Jen lovin’.

  9. I completely understand. I’m just saying you are way more understanding than I would have been. I would have pushed his drunk ass into traffic and let him play frogger with semis….of course, I wouldn’t be out on a date with a man, so I guess the point is moot. I think girls are a lot more careful when drinking on a date (especially if an early-stage date).

  10. My God, that guy must’ve had a lot to drink if he was puking for such a long period. How can his body put up with that and do all that firefighting stuff?

    I don’t know why people are so idiotic as to drink that much in general, but on an early date in particular.

  11. i find it weird that he was puking so much during the night…i would have thought there was something wrong with him! (aside from the obvious).

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