I bet y’all thought I took off on that vacation already didn’tcha?

I wish.

I mean, I haven’t posted in a few days, and stopped taking pictures of my bathroom renovation (which of course must be done by now, right?) – so it stands to reason that you’d think I was gone.

Not so much.

I am still here, and haven’t taken any more pictures, since there hasn’t been any more work done. The renovations that were supposed to be done in 10-ish days are now entering day 16.

I suppose if you count days where work was actually done, it may be done in 10 days. There’s this funny thing going on where the contractors are only showing up once or twice a week now.

Today was the first time since last Thursday that anyone has been in to do any work. Allegedly I’ll be coming home to find a new toilet and maybe a countertop. For those who voted on what I did on that fateful night before the old toilet was reinstalled, I’ll admit it, I went with option E. And Travis, it’s ok. I have a dishwasher.

Still no word on the shower being finished. I don’t even know if maybe it is finished, and nobody’s told me yet? Anyone ever done ceramic tiling before? If it’s been grouted, does it need to be sealed? Or can I just go for it?

In any case, I’ll take a few pictures of any progress when I get home, and hopefully things will be many more steps closer to being finished.

If I never live through renovations again, it’ll be too soon!

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7 thoughts on “RenohNO

  1. clamb

    Yeah, doing renovations yourself is usually cheaper and gets done in a shorter timeframe. Takes about 2x or 3x longer to do – but is done in less than 1/2 the time *grin*.

  2. Chris

    There’s some law of renovations (like physics) which basically states that they take twice as long as originally planned. Sadly, you only learn that the hard way. I hope the rest is painless and quick.

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