Product Placement

You know, I’ve become familiar with some stuff not really working up to what I think its full potential should be.

My digital camera is small, sturdy, and is capable of taking some great pictures. However, it doesn’t do close-ups well at all. I forgive it for that small transgression.

My sunglasses occasionally hurt my ears or distort my vision a tiny bit. They also broke when I fell on my face rollerblading. I did expect them to be a little sturdier, but since they’re still functional, I forgive them.

My favourite underwear, even though it promises no lines and no riding, still shows lines in some pants, and gives me the occasional wedgie. But it’s so comfortable, I forgive it.

However, when I spend between 3 and 4 of my hard earned dollars on a product that does one thing, and one thing only, and it fails to do that thing? I get cranky.

Adidas for women antiperspirant does NOT keep me from perspiring!

And that is simply unforgiveable.

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