Ask me no Questions

11 thoughts on “Ask me no Questions”

  1. LOL – O gawd…..

    Can’t reesist…. asking….. totally inappropriate question….

    Resist…. Yes…. mustt *gggraahhhh* re-sssist.

    “How do you wear it??”

    *sigh*… kind of resisted… not quite… it .. meaning …. Her! – lol (Erase at will)

  2. how do you wear it??? how do you stand being smarter than your average bear? is there enough stimulation in your world? are you happy? do you admire or scorn drunk comments on a wednesday? and last but not at all least, do you believe in liars? magic?

  3. … wear what? I don’t get it!

    Liberal, NDP, Conservative or Green?

    What did you think your life was going to be like at 15? 25? Did it happen? Are you disappointed or happy about that?

    Favourite shameful reading material?

  4. Is there a moment in your life, that you can think back to, that everything changed for you?

    What’s your favourite vacation spot? (ps: did you book a trip, yet?)

  5. Is there any conversation that you truly regret, and how would you change it?

    What’s the most embarrassed you’ve ever been?

    Name something you would only do for a minimum of $250,000 dollars, and then name something you wouldn’t do even for $250,000.

  6. Fuck all this philosophical bullshit.. what’s your favorite drink!?!?!

    * written while drunk.

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