The Answers

2 thoughts on “The Answers”

  1. 😀 😀 😀 Well, that got me laughing – LOL

    I mean, seriously, being somewhere without technology… does anyone even travel to foreign countries and leave their cell phones behind?! (good one… will be laughing for the next couple of days on that one)

    Will be back after I think things out… I got stumped on the very first answer. Might have to flip a coin. Damn, I would hate to loose my chance on the marvelous magnificent price over a coin toss.

  2. Well, I wish I knew you well enough to know what was true or false, but I’m going to guess…

    The flock of seagulls hairstylings are a lie. Fergie is a lie. The Party Party. Danielle Steele. Prozac. Dick Cheney? That’s not 10, but closest to the truth wins?

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