If you can’t take the heat…

I was realizing the other day that my oven looks pretty gross inside. I should clean it. I hate cleaning the oven. But if the Christmas baking is to be done, so must the oven cleaning.

Except I decided to make a roast the other day. And the oven, she gave up!

So I called the landlord. He’s buying a new one tomorrow, and the store should contact me shortly thereafter to set up a delivery time, and haul the old one away.

This means I get a new oven, and don’t even have to clean the old one!

Yay! Holiday baking, here I come!

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3 thoughts on “If you can’t take the heat…

  1. April

    You are so lucky. I wish my oven would die so I don’t have to clean it. I’m scared to start my holiday baking lest the cookies taste like burnt pizza and fishsticks.

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