Must… Resist….

Urge… to… KILL…..

I am not going to survive the next three weeks with Ray.

He asked me this morning to buy more coffee, since we were nearly out. I hadn’t caffeinated yet, so I just nodded.

After I left, I started thinking… uhm… I’ve made about 3 pots of coffee here since he bought the last tin (I usually hit $tarbux or Timmy’s on my way out), so he can buy more coffee if he wants it.

I get home, he’s here making more stinky food. So I say “Hey, you know, I haven’t actually made much of any coffee since you bought that one. You’re the coffee drinker – just so ya know.” I also asked what was up with him leaving the glasses out on the counter. Apparently he doesn’t want to put “my stuff” away. Uh huh.

So I lost it. And he lost it back. He thinks he’s been doing the lion’s share around here (because he’s “been buying all the paper towel and toilet paper.. but who’s keeping track”) and I think we’ve come to terms witht he fact that we do not like living with eachother.

I am seriously contemplating leaping on the “keeping track” bandwagon and calculating how much he owes of the $62 in overages due on the hydro since he moved in, or the tiny things he’s demanded get fixed or adjusted to his needs (the outlet in the bathroom for one), or how about some usage amortization on the cutlery, dishes, appliances, pots and pans of mine he uses, or maybe labour for cleaning the bathroom, since I’m the only one who does that too.

I can’t wait to tell him about having his room painted, just to see him blow up again!

Also, it’s been about 20 minutes since I originally posted this, and my heart is still all thumpity thumping with righteous indignation!

Update: I posted this around 5pm, and am re-reading at at 11:30pm. Holy Hannah I’m an uppity brat! Ah well. All the more reason not to inflict myself on others. And for the record, Ray did apologize to me after he came home from the gym. So I still win.

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4 thoughts on “Must… Resist….

  1. April

    God I am totally having flashbacks to when I had roommates. They used to dirty a ton of dishes when it was my turn to wash so to get back at them I dirtied every single dish in the house when it was there turn to wash. Not just any kind of dirty. The messy gross dirty that brings on the gag reflex as you are washing them.
    I’m all for you telling Ray exactly how much he owes you for every little thing. The satisfaction is so worth it!

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