Tabulated Results

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last entry. It seems clear that Ray should indeed foot the entire bill for refinishing the room. So I had a painter in for an estimate today. The verdict: $200. Coincidentally, the exact amount of Ray’s deposit. How serendipitous. The painter didn’t even know beforehand! So now Ray … Continue reading Tabulated Results


I just informed Ray that he’s going to have to pay for the refinishing of his room. He’s obviously not pleased about it. (Reminder of the state of Ray’s walls here.) I’ve yet to get a painter in for an estimate, but I’ve told Ray that the cost of filling the holes and painting the … Continue reading Vote!


I don’t really have much of anything to say. I’ve been busy at work tying everything up before I make it a long weekend and scamper off to a wintry wonderland for some much needed R & R. This will mark the first time since June that I’ve spent more than 1 full day away … Continue reading Tidbit

The Eating

I present to you, yet another thing that drives me INSANE about Ray, which also proves that my intolerance is so inflated that I’m just not fit to live with other people in general. Ray eats stinky food. I don’t know if I ever mentioned (because it doesn’t really matter) but Ray’s Korean. When he … Continue reading The Eating