Ridiculously High Standards – Implications

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  1. I was forgiving him down to “talked during the movie”. Now he must die–what’s his address?

    And, out of curiousity, if you feel like sharing, what is your physical type?

  2. I stopped forgiving him at the part where he was making compliments too often. (All this taken with a grain of salt, my being a heterosexual male and all.) Complimenting and being overly sweet is fine in my book, actually. Compliments only really works if the person saying them believes them to be true. Not only that, but it makes complimenting extremely easy. (What’s harder? Telling the truth or lying?) Compliments are actually a little selfish: they are designed to make both people feel good about themselves, and hey, is there anything really wrong with that? It’s when the compliments aren’t genuine–interrupting a conversation to make the compliment unexpected signals insincerity–that are unforgivable.

    Darren’s right, though, talking during a movie is a dealbreaker. That’s why I think taking a girl out to a movie, for at least the first few dates, is a bad idea, and I’m thinking about how the guy would feel about it. I mean, if you were a guy and you were taking a pretty girl out, wouldn’t you rather spend the two hours looking at her and talking to her instead of looking at at a giant screen and not talking to her? A movie is a fun thing to watch (especially if it’s one where you both can make fun of it while watching), but seems to me it would be better to do it on the third or fourth or fifth date, at either person’s place, so that if both people suddenly find it necessary, they can pause it.

  3. I have to agree with the talking-during-movie situation as well. Last time I dated a movie-talker I ended up dumping water on her and telling her I never wanted to see her again. Mature? No. But at least I’m honest. . . . Anyway, it seems like a small thing, but it speaks a multitude of evils.

    If you still need a hockey friend, let me know.

  4. I have to disagree with you Richard about the compliments. A few compliments here and there are great, but too many just seems too smooth and not genuine. Not to mention the focusing too much on the physical. Good call on not seeing him again Jen…stick by those dealbreakers.

    matt: dumped water on her? yikes, what do you do when you *really* dont like someone?

  5. Col: we are actually in agreement. I agree with you that there is such a thing as too many compliments, and that it’s wise not to always focus on the physical. One insincere compliment, I would argue, however, is worse than too many sincere compliments.

  6. This was brutal. Very few men get enough dates to be well practiced at it anymore. He just wanted to be apart of your life.

    Was he nice? Was he sweet? Would he have been someone to care about you? Want my brutal opinion? Probably not, but apparently, you just werent all that interested…. and his behaviour wasnt what cut it.

    It seems like a points game when I read girls blogs now. Its painful.

  7. it’s hardly a points game, it’s more of what rubs you the wrong way and whether or not you “get” each other.

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