Patch Redux

17 thoughts on “Patch Redux”

  1. Eeek, the new design does not look good in my browser. It scrolls to the right significantly.

    Firefox 5 on Win XP, for the record.

    And good on you for taking charge of your hormones. You go, girl! 🙂

  2. firefox makes my brain hurt!

    Will you take a screenshot for me Devon?

    I remember coming off Depo, and I was an emotional nightmare… Good luck sweetie!

    And you’re welcome!

  3. Looks fine here (Firefox 1.0, Linux).

    Devon, what exactly is “Firefox 5”? The latest version of Firefox is 1.01, I believe…

  4. It’s supposed to look like that Devon.

    I guess with my resolution being higher, it doesn’t scroll to the side for me.

    I could make the image and container a little smaller I suppose.

  5. Chris, I misread the help/about. It said Firefox/5.0 and I thought that was the version.

    And my bad, peanut.. just not used to scrolling sideways to read the blogroll and links and stuff.

  6. There.. a little more squished.. I may play around with the width of the side bar and all that good stuff over the next few days.

    Should look ok on 1024!

  7. ack, i’m looking at your site from work (IE 6, win 98) and it looks like bad! The picture to the left takes up way too much room and I have to scroll too far to the right. It just looks distorted.

  8. col: IE has notoriously poor CSS support, which is probably why it looks stupid. Unfortunatly, Microsoft probably won’t be doing much to improve it with the future release of IE 7.

    peechie: If you really want it to be viewable in all browsers, maybe you should have a separate IE page that’s just simple, and keep this real page for browsers that work properly. That’s if you care, of course. I don’t :).

    Oh, and back on topic, yay birth control 😛

  9. It’s viewable in all browsers!

    Folks with smaller screen resolutions just have to scroll to the right to see everything.

    Not the end of the world. Annoying yes, broken, no.

    I could have, instead of the image taking up all the space, the container float to the right and cover the image if it doesn’t fit on the screen. *shrug*

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