For the Girls

A few days ago was the first ever international day of the girl, and a couple pieces of news from both places I call home are converging to make it especially poignant. In Vancouver, 15-year-old Amanda Todd killed herself because she could no longer handle the bullying and taunting after she flashed a webcam, and … Continue reading For the Girls


I mentioned on the twitters a little while ago that I thought I wanted TOMS for the summer. And I was correct, because I went and bought some, and LOVE them. Cute, comfortable, perfect for tromping around in the heat. Except… After having them for only about 6 weeks (admittedly wearing them near constantly for … Continue reading Yay TOMS!

Derek K. Miller

My friend Derek passed away yesterday. We met in 2005 at the first Northern Voice social media conference, and though we’ve never been close, he (and through him, his family) has always been one of my favourite blogging colleagues. Since meeting, I’ve learned we have many friends in common, which is something many who knew … Continue reading Derek K. Miller