Derek K. Miller

My friend Derek passed away yesterday.

We met in 2005 at the first Northern Voice social media conference, and though we’ve never been close, he (and through him, his family) has always been one of my favourite blogging colleagues.

Since meeting, I’ve learned we have many friends in common, which is something many who knew him will find. Derek was one of the most universally well-liked people I’ve ever met. His gregarious personality was only outdone by his generous and gracious spirit.

I’m so glad we were able to see him for one last visit, and introduce him to Isaac a few weeks ago. I miss him already.

In typical Derek fashion, he’s carefully curated his website so that it will remain a legacy of his humour, creativity, talent and (most recently) dignity and strength living with and dying of cancer.

Derek had hoped to live to see some of the stunningly beautiful Spring days the Lower Mainland has to offer, and the weather yesterday served up just that. I hope he enjoyed the view before he slipped away.

Derek was such a force, he hardly needs any of our efforts to ensure he leaves a legacy, but it would be wonderful if you would do any of the following:

1. Tell your loved ones you love them, and be kind to each other;
2. Donate to the Canadian Cancer Society, if that’s your thing;

and above all else,

3. From this day forward, never ever use more than one space following a period.

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2 thoughts on “Derek K. Miller

  1. Raul

    Beautiful tribute to Derek, Jen,

    I regret not having had that one last visit (we were in the process of coordinating after Arieanna, Ianiv and Aiden visited Air, Derek and the girls, and then the long weekend got in the way and they were overwhelmed with visitors). As I told you in person over lunch, I’m so blessed to have you in my life and can’t wait to meet Isaac.

    Fair warning to you and Neil – I’m a spoiler uncle.

    In life, and in death, Derek K. Miller built an amazing community of which you and your family and I are part of. So beautiful.

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