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Day 1 – Welcome to my Insanity

Welcome, all, to day one of NaBloPoMo.

For your reading/viewing pleasure, I’ve dressed my dog in a demeaning Snow-White costume. She hated it appropriately and tried to chew it off as soon as I finished taking pictures.

I felt bad enough that I took today off to console her.

Ok, that’s a bit of a lie – today is supposed to bring Wine Fridge: The Resurrection, and I still can’t get the delivery times Home Depot promised me (and have lost the will and energy to continue fighting for it), so instead of interrupting my day halfway through to wait hours hours for the delivery guy, I decided to work from home instead.

I know, it’s such an exciting life I lead. And just think, only 29 more days of this for you!

Franken Dog

My uncle’s beloved weiner dog Merlin ended up with a ruptured disc in his back.

Thankfully it looks like he’ll be ok, so I don’t feel bad about giggling at how he looks like frankendog with all the metal staples.

For a better look, open it up in flickr and check out the full-size version.

Once a cheater….

June Haircut

Originally uploaded by peechie.

I did it. I cheated on Olga. With Lisa.

It’s not my fault! Olga wasn’t available. I was tired of her technique. Things just weren’t fresh ane exciting anymore. I could hardly see her, and when I did, I didn’t feel loved anymore. We were in a rut.

And along came Lisa. With her perky personality and edgy style – how could I say no?

I’m gonna have to dump Olga. I don’t know how to tell her… There’s no way I can keep it from her. Maybe if I don’t call she’ll think I moved?

I feel so dirty inside.

If loving this hair is wrong – I DON’T WANNA BE RIGHT!

RHS #5 – Walk the Walk

This particular Ridiculously High Standard has been just waiting to be written about. I figured it was about damn time I put it down on… uh… paper? website? Whatever.

This one is about the GEEK WALK. I can not bear to be with someone who walks the geek walk. The first time I encountered it was in high school. A guy friend of mine (who will remain nameless in case he should google himself some day) was a full-on geek walker. Since then I’ve noticed it a multitude of times – and it never fails to simultaneously amuse and appal me.

You may have seen the geek walk and not even be aware that it had a name. It usually looks a little like this: Guy walking down the street, leaning forward like he’s fighting a headwind, and his hip, knee, and ankle joints seem to be having trouble functioning in unison. May or may not be accompanied by a firmly clenched posterior. If you’ve ever seen the movie Hitch, Kevin James give a stunning performance of Geek Walk.

The bottom line on this one is that if a guy looks like he’s walking into a hurricane with a prosthetic leg and a large stick up his ass, he’s really got zero chance with me. I can’t help it.


That’s it – I’m firing bloglines as my feed reader. I hope the rest of my readers will follow suit, at least until the bloglines people fix whatever is buggering up their service. Of course, by the time any bloglines subscribers actually get this post of mine, it’ll likely be 2012 and blogs will be so 2005 and it won’t matter anymore. Bloglines hasn’t grabbed my feed since 10:51 last night. I posted at around 11:30 this morning. I think nearly 5 hours is MORE than enough time to acknowledge an updated feed.

And it’s not just my feed. Most of the sites I read take the better part of an hour (and it’s only been getting worse!) before they show as updated on bloglines. There are also feeds it refuses to acknowledge, even though they’re perfectly valid in other readers ( for example).

So I’m currently taking recommendations for other free, web-based feed readers. Does anyone have any suggestions? Because bloglines isn’t cutting it for me anymore. I may as well just go back to gasp plain old Blogrolling!

(edit: just FYI this was posted at 4:26pm. about 2.25 hours before it registered as being updated on bloglines, and another hour+ before any readers found it and bothered to comment)

One Thing

Just thought I’d put it out there – lest the Universe smite me for failing to acknowledge this tidbit – I registered for my HR class after work tonight, and aside from the long lineups, everything went just fine.

Four days down, 361 to go.

I P Freely

Have you ever had an experience where you walk into a public bathroom stall – and you wonder what the bathroom architect was smoking?

I’m assuming here, that public bathrooms are designed all at once – not that they put toilets in, then the walls (or vice versa).

There is one stall in the bathroom nearest me, where the toilet is not centered in the stall at all. You’ve practically got to scoot sideways under the toilet paper dispenser to sit squarely on the thing. It’s a very awkward situation, the scooting, when you’ve got your pants around your ankles and are trying not to knock the seat protector off kilter, and trying not to fall down.

So can anyone explain why?

First Call

Holy crap. I just talked to him.

I’ve really been avoiding him since it all went down last Thursday night, I figure if I pretend like he doesn’t exist (or went on a really long vacation), I won’t have to deal with “closure” and won’t get all weepy again.

But you know, it wasn’t that bad. On my part, the intense romantic love has been gone for a long time. And I don’t have to give up that love you have for close friends.

Honestly, it was just nice to hear his voice. There was no anger, no hatred. Just a bit of longing for what was. But hope – for a future where we can still get along and share eachother’s company a little bit – as friends.

Breaking up is Hard to Do

I guess it’s a sign. The one day all month I’ve been home to watch Oprah, she’s got a show on extreme breakups. Compared to these women, I’ve got it good. As hard as it is to leave anyone, at least it was somewhat mutual – I didn’t get left or cheated on or anything.

But the gem of the show was one woman’s engagement cards. She sent out engagement announcements – then about 6 weeks later, her fiancee confessed he would likely cheat on her, and they shouldn’t get married.

What was she to do? Well she sent out follow-up cards to her engagement card recipient list. They read: “Picked the wrong man, gave him the wrong finger. Thanks for your love and support!”

Maybe it will be ok after all.