I mentioned on the twitters a little while ago that I thought I wanted TOMS for the summer. And I was correct, because I went and bought some, and LOVE them. Cute, comfortable, perfect for tromping around in the heat.


After having them for only about 6 weeks (admittedly wearing them near constantly for that time) the sole of one of the shoes started to separate at the toe.

I had a hobo-like flappy-mouth shoe! Not only unattractive, but also hazardous, because I’d trip over it sometimes.

I emailed TOMS, and got a form-reply saying I should try returning to the point of purchase if it was a retail sale, and if the store couldn’t help me, to supply TOMS with the details.

I went back to the store, but with so much time having passed, and having long-since thrown out my receipt, they couldn’t help me.

So back to emailing TOMS with their requested pictures, details of the issue, where I bought the shoes, the model/colour, and my contact info.

And then I heard nothing for a couple weeks.


I received a set of emails letting me know that the people at TOMS stand behind their craftsmanship, and my new replacement pair was on the way! No need to return the old ones.

The new shoes arrived today, so my feet are TOMS-clad once again, just in time for our trip!

I’m pretty pleased, and looking forward to wearing this pair out (hopefully in significantly longer than 6 weeks this time), and adding some winter TOMS to my shoe collection.


I love a happy customer-service story. Don’t you?

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One thought on “Yay TOMS!

  1. Belinda

    I’ve got three pairs of the canvas Toms two newer and one that I’ve been wearing A LOT for several months now. Other than the canvas getting a little grotty on the back heel of my driving foot (beige was a bad colour choice) they are hanging in really well. I love Toms shoes they are super comfortable, great to hear they stand behind their products.

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