The Campfire Grill – Kickass BBQ

If you haven’t checked the update on my last post, mere hours after putting my frustration out to the universe, Inger McCrae, proprietress of the Campfire Grill (along with her husband Mike McCrae), commented on my post with some excellent directions to their even more excellent BBQ!

Tucked in the entrance of the Eagle Vista RV Park (Directions hint: if all else fails, follow highway signs to Eagle Vista RV Park) is the great little trailer that’s home to Campfire’s prep area and attached to an assortment of grills and smokers. It does look like a couple of tiny shacks, but the best version of a shack that’s cute and comfortable and clean and a place I’d love to spend a lot of time hanging out on a late summer evening. There’s even a fire pit, and Inger & Mike have marshmallows for roasting!

But, enough of the ambiance, you say, what about the food? DELICIOUS!

We tried their BBQ Feast for 2-3, so we could sample a little of everything. And it was all good!

  • The pulled pork was awesome, a perfect mix of fat and lean to get a great shred with a mild rub.
  • The brisket was also really nice, juicy and falling apart, and wonderful with their honey-mustard sauce (Mike & Inger make 4 BBQ sauces: Chipotle, Apricot, Bourbon and Honey Mustard)
  • The rub on the ribs was unique, with hints of turmeric(?). Neil kept laughing at me because I was grunting with pleasure as I ate them.
  • And the chicken – wow. I’m always disappointed when I get smoked chicken anywhere but off my own BBQ, because it’s usually a dried out memory of how good it could’ve been UNTIL NOW. Mike’s chicken was juicy and succulent and everything good BBQ chicken should be.

Neil gave two big thumbs up to the coleslaw, which is a ringing endorsement. His tastes for slaw are very personal, and his standards are high. He is generally wary of any slaw with mayo (as it often ends up tasting like mayonnaise soup), but the slaw at Campfire is a perfect mix of creamy and acidic, with a nice addition of crisp apple to the green & red cabbage and carrots.

I would say the only disappointment was the beans, except they weren’t exactly disappointing, they were good, just a bit boring compared to how excellent everything else was. I have yet to find local baked beans that can hold a candle to the Memphis Blues Pit Beans.

The Campfire Grill Smokin’ BBQ has only been open since May long weekend, and after tasting the food I can see how they did a brisk business over the summer!

It’s great to see more excellent BBQ able make the move from private backyards and competitions to full-time “restaurant” offerings in this part of the world. And looking at Campfire’s Facebook page, I’m looking forward to trying more of the awesome things that come off Mike’s grill. It’s certainly now a must-stop for me if I’m going to or through Squamish and in fact has inspired me to research into smoke hollow electric smoker reviews for my own events. If I can reproduce even a fraction of the good times had here for my family, I would be over joyed.

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