The Campfire Grill Doesn’t Want Me to Visit

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  1. We pride ourselves in being somewhat of a hidden gem…carefully tucked away in a cozy campground…but trust us when we say WE WANT YOU TO FIND US. We’re so sorry you missed us. Had no clue how clueless google maps was and we’re looking into fixing this problem right away. We truly appreciate the feedback. Sorry we missed your call, we may have been outback playing with our BBQ smokers and our message asks you to call back in 5 minutes. We hope you had the right phone number because the phone book has listed our number wrong! urgggg! It’s 604-898-8388. It seems someone out there doesn’t want you to find us. Not sure if you’re still in Whistler and in the mood for some BBQ on your way back home but we would like to treat you to some amazing slow smoked BBQ- we’ve got it all with chicken, ribs, pulled pork and beef.
    Directions from Whistler traveling south:
    – after going through the traffic lights on highway 99 and passing Canadian Tire you will see an exit for Centennial Way just over the overpass
    – exit right onto Centennial Way (follow campground signs to Eagle Vista RV)
    – make right turn at stop sign and go under the underpass
    – make left turn onto Centennial Way
    – you’ll see our restaurant sign, turn right into Eagle Vista RV driveway- make an immediate left to our BBQ trailer
    Directions from Vancouver traveling north:
    – you will go through a set of stoplights after passing Walmart on highway 99
    – you will take the first exit onto Centennial Way
    – follow this road straight as it leads directly to the campground with our large signboard at the driveway (you will cross Loggers Lane)
    – turn left into Eagle Vista RV driveway, make a quick right directly to BBQ goodness
    We hope this helps and we’d love to meet you. Cheers!

    peechie Reply:

    Fantastic, thanks! We’ll certainly stop by on our way home today and check things out. Looking forward to meeting you and trying your highly recommended BBQ!

  2. Ha! I had the same problem! I was in Squamish and saw them on Urban Spoon so I asked the people in the office “fatburger or campfire grill?” and they both said campfire grill… my GPS (and google maps) couldn’t find it either, their address doesn’t match up with their physical location. Eventually I DID find it: it’s a shack & a smoker/trailer in a lot in an RV Park… a good 200-300 windy meters off of hwy 99.
    When I finally found it, they were closed. It’s quite literally a campfire with a cashier’s kiosk and it looked like it was only open seasonally. I ended up at Fatburger after all. :/

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