Hop to it?

I keep remembering (and forgetting, and remembering again) that Easter’s coming up. Holidays are often a little tricky as an ExPat (assuming you want to celebrate), but this one is trickier than most. The toddler thing is tripping me up. Easter Chicks on a Boat by Nickstone333 on Flickr I’m not convinced Isaac will really … Continue reading Hop to it?


I never realized how much I look to Thanksgiving as a passage into Autumn. A time to start reconnecting with family & friends after the frantic, flighty summer. And while it might be Decorative Gourd Season all over the Northern Hemisphere, England doesn’t have Thanksgiving. Photo by Reclamation Revolution on Flickr We’ve started down the … Continue reading Thanks

And a new one just begun

2012! Hello! Since four resolutions last year seemed ideal for resolution domination, I’m going to go with four again this year. 1. Resurrect CookTheBook.ca. I really enjoyed starting my “cook through a cookbook” project, and then all of the authors (myself included) went and had babies, and the thing died as our priorities shifted. But … Continue reading And a new one just begun