Hop to it?

I keep remembering (and forgetting, and remembering again) that Easter’s coming up.

Holidays are often a little tricky as an ExPat (assuming you want to celebrate), but this one is trickier than most. The toddler thing is tripping me up.

Easter Chicks on a Boat
Easter Chicks on a Boat by Nickstone333 on Flickr

I’m not convinced Isaac will really understand an egg hunt (though I am willing to revise that stance). He barely understood the Santa thing.

He’s not really into arts and crafts projects, unless it involves splashing paint around. Last time he got hold of one of those cute puffball chicks (yesterday) he tried to eat it.

My lasting, must-have Easter tradition is a Dutch-style brunch (lots of meats, cheeses, breads, and the obligatory Easter coloured eggs), and the annual Egg Battle.

This is not exactly congruous with our current efforts to stop the kid from smashing everything against everything else.

Neil’s tradition is easier: he only demands Hot Cross Buns with Bacon.

Both of us are into a big Easter dinner, which frankly, looks a lot like Sunday lunch, which we’d probably cook up anyhow.

So, maybe it’s time to add something new to the Camp Watkii Easter Tradition Repertoire.


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3 thoughts on “Hop to it?

  1. A Little Coffee

    My family always does Eggs Benedict made from scratch by my dad, served with mimosas. It’s a bit of an undertaking though… hollandaise is a fussy sauce to make, so maybe skip this idea if you’re not very comfortable timing everything to come together at once. It’s a very treasured tradition in our family, but I don’t know if I can swing it this year… I’m moving house over Easter weekend!
    A Little Coffee´s last blog post ..My Heart On a Roller Coaster

  2. jencloss

    Jack was just a few months over 2 last Easter and he quickly got the hang of the egg hunt. We had an egg hunt in Loranda’s backyard with the plastic eggs with stuff hidden inside and it got exciting when he realized some of them had chocolate in them (the others had stickers, goldfish, teddy grahams…). Is Easter a big deal in the UK? Maybe there is a community egg hunt or other event somewhere?

  3. Mel

    I think I am going to try making hot cross buns for the first time this year – do you have a favourite recipe?

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